Technical Analysis

Technical Analysis

Technical Analysis Overview

The course is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of the essential concepts and techniques of Technical Analysis as practised today by many fund managers,traders,dealers, asset allocation strategists, algorithmic developers and traders in the capital markets.

Of particular focus in the course will be the increasing importance of inter-market technical and quantitative analytical tools. Rather than taking specific securities and considering their valuations and expected returns in isolation, the emphasis will be much more on the inter-connection of items from different asset classes. 




Attend this three days comprehensive course and learn:

* Comprehensive exploration of the full range of technical analysis techniques enabling enhanced performance in trading and investment in all asset classes.

* Investigation of price behaviour of individual securities with a special focus on cross market asset alignments and convergences.

* Numerous case studies, using full range of asset classes, illustrating the benefits of forensic analysis with respect to strategic and tactical asset allocation

* Review of the contributions of technical analysis to algorithmic trading logic.

* Demonstration of robust methods for anticipating overall market inflection points – major corrections, determining support and resistance and profit targets.

* Contrast between technical and fundamental analysis – EMH, effect of reflexivity on prices

* Assessment of a variety of tools – MACD, RSI, MFI, Ichimoku, DeMark etc.

* Role of statistical techniques in time series analysis

* Review of Elliot wave theory – Fibonacci techniques for analysis of price development

* Cross sectional market analysis – contagion, risk, appetite/aversion, systemic risk

* Course Materials

All materials will be made available in printed binders and in addition slides and research sources will be available in Microsoft PowerPoint™ and Adobe Acrobat™ formats. 

Attendees of the course will be provided with a comprehensive primer document which explains the foundations of technical analysis and introduces the basic concepts, terminology and methods which will be examined at a more advanced level in the course.